Quarantine yoga!

Quarantine yoga!

I’m writing with a quick quarantine yoga update with everything you need to know about joining me online AND I would also love to hear from you!  

Online zoom classes

Classes have been going well and we are all starting to get used to the technology involved.  It feels different to a class in the studio, with everyone together, but it has many benefits and I’d like to think it is better than no yoga at all :).  If you haven’t had a chance to join in yet, fear not, I’m not going anywhere and will continue to provide them for the duration of this quarantine we find ourselves in.  There are still lots of demands on our time and there are so many people offering different things online so there’s no pressure from me…. just join when you feel ready and give it a go. 

I will be online for each of the classes 10 mins before the start time.  If possible please join early so we can iron out any connection issues before we officially start.  Once we start it’s harder for me help you get in and teach at the same time. Thank you 🙂

There are currently three classes a week: 

Tuesday 7pm 60 mins – gentle and relaxing for the end of the day.

Wednesday 9am 60 mins – a more physical class, focussing on building strength and stamina. 

Friday 9am 60 mins – a gentle flow, a mix of the above two! 

Everyone is welcome to all classes.  You can pick and chose what you want to do and I will give options for the slightly harder bits!

Please find the zoom details for all classes and how to pay below. 

My new Youtube channel (never thought I would ever write that!)

I have set up a youtube channel so you can access some free meditations whenever you feel the need!  Go to the homepage of my website and click on the red button with the white arrow, next to the Facebook and Instagram buttons.  It should take you straight to the videos.  Let me know if you have any trouble accessing them.  

I’d be really interested in any thoughts or ideas you might have for more content.  What would be useful? I’m planning to keep adding to it.  I think I’m getting a bit better at them – just don’t expect perfection! 🙂


OR click on the tiny red arrow button at the very bottom of this newsletter. 

Essential oils

Since October last year I have been using essential oils on a daily basis.  I am learning as I go along but I absolutely love having them in my life!  For those who’ve been coming to the studio, we’ve had them diffusing quietly in the corner.  

They have played an even greater part in my life over the last few weeks. 

I use doTERRA oils as they are of the highest grade and purity with nothing added to them. 

If you’re interested in buying a doTERRA oil, let me know and I will help you with where to start.  I have a trade account and can buy them for you, which is much cheaper than you buying them directly from doTERRA.  

More info on doTERRA here:  https://www.doterra.com


We did a little of this in class this week.  Here’s more on it: 

Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system and body all at once. The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through how you’re feeling.  

It is a powerful practice and I can recommend an app called Tapping Solution Meditations.  I have been using it and have found it really user-friendly.  This are a good amount of FREE sessions on there. 

I’d love to hear ideas from you!

Have a think about what you’d like from me and let me know!  

Meditation, relaxation/yoga nidra, Yin yoga, family yoga…. 

Send in your ideas and I will do my best to add what I can to the weekly timetable.  

Zoom links – please keep and use each week – they will stay the same, I hope! 

Tuesday 7pm class: 

Join Zoom Meeting
Tuesday – click here

Meeting ID: 414 738 035
Password: 002613

Wednesday 9am class: 

Join Zoom Meeting
Wednesday – click here

Meeting ID: 901 571 327
Password: 331585

Friday 9am yoga

Join Zoom Meeting
Friday – click here

Meeting ID: 447 151 100
Password: 098339

Payment for a week of classes (come to one or all) is currently £5.  You can pay by BACS or I can send you an izette link.  Please contact me about which option you’d like and I’ll send you details.  

And finally…. a bit of charity…. 

I came across this lovely charity this morning, set up by Matt Lucas, Damian Lewis and the founder of Leon.  It is Feed NHS and is raising as much money as possible for NHS Trusts to get hot, healthy meals to NHS teams on the front line.  Here’s a link to their justgiving page if you fancy making a donation.  


Thank you everyone!  I hope that all makes sense.  If you have any queries about anything please do get in touch.  And get in touch anyway if you feel like it!  I’m not going anywhere 🙂

Sending huge love, light, good vibrations, positive energy, sanity and peace to you all and your loved ones.  Ellie xx

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